Introducing the world changing technology for education and the lazy blinds.
Ampare PDF Speech Reader is a software that automatically read your pdf and speak out loud . This is a new way of reading for Lazy to read people and the cannot read people (ex. blind).

This software can change the world of education forever. It introduce the comfort and convenient and enjoyable experienced that eager student and life long student to learn.


Why we choosing to use PDF?

because PDF is a wide range of application such as E-Books , Scanned Document , Microsoft Word , Microsoft Powerpoint , Lecture and Microsft Excel in example can be pdf.


Watch our first prototype test :



Or Our Even Read From Scanned Document ( Of Real Homework Sheet Document ) From Canon MX320 Series Printer

We are about to create a device that can read books for blind automatically soon.


Hope you interested in our software.

If you interested in our software . Please contact Vice President of Ampare Engine : [email protected] which responsibility for selling and sponsored


Our Managing Director – President of Ampare Engine is currently busy with the project.


The Price of Software : Will Inform Soon.

In our tradition , before selling or give price to the software , We need the first sponsored or first of the world buyer which the extremely highest price and then other can pay cheaper  or get it for free.

The Current First Sponsored Bid Price is : 1 Million USD

If you want to become our partner or first sponsored, Contact : [email protected]


Thank you

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