Ampare STOF 1.5 C

is a multi-functional software that can schedule and run almost everything on your Windows

Ampare STOF 1.5 C is scheduler software that set time open file , launch application , copy file , open website , move file , download file , shutdown , close application process , restart , Alarm , Open Folder , Auto Type , Auto Click and even more.

There is a ton of benefit of new functionality add. In this Professional Version, It does have a memory database inside the software which can make your software remember the last session include background image. Backup , Export , Save and Restore , Reload , Load  The Schedule From Any PC to Any PC on Windows which make your life a ton easier.

Also , We add the memory function to able to save and restore the schedule which can use to run every day on PC or Server at the specific time with just a single click that make your life a ton easier than before.

Here is Our Video Tutorial

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