First of all , Most of the blog popular because of it content right? , The more content it is . The more reason the visitor want to read around the blog.  Also , You may take many hour writing a good website content and might struggling to make a perfect article for your website. You may invest your time on Taking Picture , Making a Video Tutorial and other stuff.

Secondly , Your Content is your money. In terms of Traffic when your blog have a lot of good quality content . You appear more on the search engine with the organic traffic. However , If your content was stolen or copying by someone else. They also appear on the same page as your search keywords and they might stole your traffic. Do you want that blogging newbie stole your traffic?


So After discussing a why ? so How can I protect my content on the internet?

There is a lot of way but there is one simplest way to protect your content from those blogging newbies stole your content 😉 .

Introducing Our New Software : Ampare Copy Protector.

Ampare Copy Protector is a javascript programming language – jquery based script which prevent the most happening way of how they steal your content from the browser. It can prevent a beginner and normal user from copy content on your website 🙂

You can use it with Any CMS .

Here is How on Youtube Videos.

Free and Easy Embed Script :

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