Ampare WordPress Dynamic Watermark

Hi Everyone,  Today we make some innovative technology called ” Dynamic Watermarks ”  name ” Ampare WordPress Dynamic Video Watermark ” and ” Ampare WordPress Dynamic Image Watermark

What is Dynamic Watermark ?

Dynamic Watermark are kind of watermarks but instead of static watermark . it is dynamic using a Javascript Technology by Ampare Engine. The Dynamic means that everyone will see the watermark differently . The Watermark will be on the image and video and include the name , surname , Email , Date time that currently watching video or image and Where these image is on using WordPress data .

If these people are not registered. it would show an IP Address instead.

Why using Dynamic Watermark ?

Although, There is no real way to able to detect Screen Capture and even though we can detect screen capture by software . We wouldn’t know or able to detect the Screen being record or take picture using Camera or Video Record Card on Screen. So , We decide to scare them out by showing them that it is risk when they about to screen capture video and we can easily find them or lawsuit against them instead.

How much is it cost ? A Thousands Dollar ?

Nope , We are Ampare Engine. We do a lot of goods. So we decide to set the price around 200 USD . However, In Startup weeks which currently are. We decide to set the price as low as all bundle in 25 USD. Cheap huh? but these are quality.

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