Hi everyone , We make many great advancement over the past month. Some are in our lab and never publish out.

This is one of them . Until , We finally pass our beta test. With Our New Technology , It can filter bad word from your ear.

This is how it works.

In Dashboard of earfilter.ml



You can add any words here and then make sure your web browser support latest HTML5.

Go To Ear Filter Program. Open it constantly when someone try to say bad word to you.

It will automatically start music for you and the music is loop until you refresh or you say with your own word. “Okay”.


That is how you can filter bad word from your ear.

Our Software is on public beta and currently open free to play for a few weeks after that we are in conference about the future.


Visit : http://earfilter.ml/ear-filter-dashboard

and start filter those filthy word from your ear.


Also , If you want to browse the web without seeing any bad word you want.

We have a new experimental technology that can filter any word you want without breaking the web.

We use a sensitive technology that can filter bad word without break the html functionalities which to be honest , Sometimes word displaying with render of javascript or something may not be filter only in first release version.

Visit , Ampare Filter Bad Word to Filter any word from your web


Visit , Ampare Ear Filter to filter bad word from your ear