There are dozen of video stolen and pirate online with very simple web browser – Save Video as and Video Downloader and Grabber like the popular one – Internet Download Manager , Video Download Professional and many other to name a few.

We ever created an open source Defa Protector for a while now and it is great at that time but there are some user complaint about the architecture and engineering perspective of Defa Protector which leads to compatibility issue with Mobile Web Browser and the Defa Protector older than version 7 are began to stop working by the beginning of year 2017 which due to the browser update and many new introduce HTTP 2.0 / QUIC and many stuff.

As Ampare Engine,  We are always listening to every user and making analytics decision although we act like we didn’t listen that much. So , We re-design and re-engineering almost everything in Defa Protector that it doesn’t seem like the old Defa Protector anymore. We using our own design handshaking system that is so freaking hard to break. The Generated Hash Handshaking System are design to protect unauthorized download with Defa Range and other Defa Protector Firewall System. These Generate Hash is Randomly Generated by Defa Protector Server so it supremely hard to guess and it change every time. Unlike the old defa protector that use the md5 encode url technique. Also , We have complaint about the old Defa Protector broke the caching system.

So We create currently un-decryptable hash that will create a static link so that it will work with Caching System like WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache and many more. However , We recommend to turn off the cache for video output page for the security and user experienced purpose.

Also , We have develop a new Ampare WordPress Dynamic Watermark that will work specifically with Defa Protector Canvas as one of our great user ( Jose Netto ) said , We are going to let them fade in and fade out so it can show up when someone screen record the video but it not effect their  video watching experienced.

We planning to released and selling Defa Protector Canvas 8.0 to user by this 2017.

Ampare Engine are looking for investor who would like to invest in such an advancement technology that we took almost a year to come up with a solution.

For Investor Contact : [email protected]


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