After Few Months of Developing The Artificial Intelligence with Convolution Neuron Network Deep Learning Application which convert Grayscale Image To Color That Works on Both Mobile and PC


We finally succeed and released our proudest software named ” Ampare Grayscale Image To Color “. The Software Currently Available on Windows PC , macOS , Linux as Google Chrome Extension and Android App.

However , We are on testing stage on iOS Version and The Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform which will work on Windows Phone ,  Windows Holographic , Windows Hub and The Xbox One.

Story That Inspired To Make This Software ?

Almost Half Year Ago  , Juthawong Naisanguansee are on the mission to brought his young grandfather businessman gray scale picture to color. He decide to pursue a mission to make this technology become possible and finally succeed.


Ampare Grayscale Image To Color Result

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Google Chrome Extension | Android App

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